Tuesday, September 2, 2014

OMG! She's Back! Peace And Quiet Is Over!

Warning! Rant Ahead!

We finally had some peace and quiet when this woman left a few months ago. Unfortunately for us, she's back and I don't know why.

Honestly, no one here wants her back. In fact, even her not-so-legal relatives here don't want her back. Why? Because she doesn't know how to properly associate with other people.

She doesn't know how to appreciate what the people around her did or do for her and her kids. No matter how much we help her and care for her kids, she doesn't and won't appreciate it. She likes to take and take and take. The only thing she likes to give back is her bad attitude.

I never disliked anyone as much as I dislike this woman. I don't hate her because hate is an extremely strong word. I just stopped not disliking her.

Yes, I used to not dislike her too much but my dislike for her started when she, out of nowhere, mistreated my wife with her bad attitude. My wife who very much cared for her and her kids. Never did anything to be mistreated badly.

In other words, she showed her true colors to my wife and it was a very ugly color. It's all black, dark and nasty.

I was extremely furious when I learned about it. My wife isn't a saint. She's not but she truly cared for her kids. What did my wife get for caring? Bad attitude. WOW!

Her not-so-legal relatives abroad think she's a  nice person but what do they know. They don't see her bad behavior and attitude everyday. They don't interact with her everyday. They don't deal with her everyday. In other words, they know nothing. Not a thing!

Seriously, we were very happy when she left because we don't have to deal with her anymore. My wife won't be mistreated with bad attitude anymore.

Even her not-so-legal relatives were happy when she left.

She was gone for three months and in those three months the compound was very peaceful and quiet. Now she's back and I'm very doubtful the peace and quiet we had will stay the same.

Personally, I'm just going to ignore her but I will not ignore nor will tolerate any kind of bad attitude or behavior towards my wife.

As for the kids, I believe all of us here don't have any huge problem with the kids because they're kids. The one with the real bad attitude and anti-social behavior is the mother. She is the problem.

Hell, even her lived-in partner, who is my wife's cousin, left her and her kids. Now, the kids are without a father and are suffering because of her and her bad attitude and bad behavior.


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