Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Itong Family Welcomes The New Year, 2013

We welcomed the New Year, 2013 with some food, a lot of fun and no firecrackers. All of us were at home and awake as we waited for the new year to arrive. My wife Dang was busy preparing the food while the kids were busy with what they were doing.

New Year's Media Noche Food 2013

Outside, some of our neighbors were busy playing with their firecrackers that were very loud. The sound of the firecrackers became more frequent and louder when midnight came. The sound or noise was so loud that I felt the shock waves rolling on my skin.

Of course, we were also making some noise but we didn't used firecrackers. I don't like firecrackers because they're very, very dangerous. They can do physical harm to people and they can even cause fires. At worst, firecrackers can even cause death.

The New Year, 2013

We welcomed the new year with a prayer lead by my wife Dang. You'll never see me leading a prayer because I'm never good at it. We had our Media Noche after the prayer. We didn't have much just some bread, fruits, cake, a small piece of ham and some sweets. Dang also brought home two bottles of red wine and her sister gave us some spaghetti.

New Year's Raffle 2013

We also had our New Year's Raffle. I had a few items lined-up and each had a number assigned. Each member of the family drew a number from a box and they got the item that corresponded to the number that they got. It was a very fun event and we're planning on doing it again but with better items.

Overall, we had a very simple New Year's Celebration but it was a lot of fun. 2012 was a good year for us (we did have our ups and downs) and I'm looking forward for a better year this 2013.


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