Monday, January 21, 2013

Itong Family Christmas 2012

Last Christmas was somewhat good for all of us. My wife wanted a Christmas Tree and I was able to buy her a small plastic one. It was only 4 feet tall but we had lots of fun decorating it. That last time we had a Christmas Tree at home was many, many years ago.

Itong Family Christmas 2012

I don't make a lot of money because I'm unemployed and I'm just working as a freelancer at home but, thanks to a company in Australia, I was able to make enough money to buy my kids some new things like clothes, shoes, etc. for Christmas.

We welcomed Christmas Day with a family prayer lead by my wife and a simple Noche Buena. After that, my two younger kids opened their gifts from Santa Claus. Yes, we still let them think that their gifts were from Santa. We all went to bed after a couple of hours.

Rain and Rhomiel Opening Their Gifts From Santa Claus

We spent the rest of Christmas Day mostly at home. Well, the kids did went to visit some of our nearby relatives but, after that, we mostly stayed at home. We also didn't have many visitors that day. In fact, we only had one visitor. One of my wife's niece visited and stayed with us the entire day.

Overall, Christmas Day 2012 was very peaceful and a lot of fun for us. Baby Rain and Baby Rhomiel played with their new toys, Ate Aryan spent her time talking to her friends while Kuya Ar-ar spent the day with her girlfriend.

Noche Buena 2012

By the way, we didn't do our annual family exchange gift because we planned on having it on New Year's Eve and we changed it into a raffle rather than an exchange gift.

Below are some pictures from that day.

Rain Itong, Christmas 2012 Rhomiel Itong, Christmas Day 2012

Dang's Gift


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