Itong Family Christmas 2012

Last Christmas was somewhat good for all of us. My wife wanted a Christmas Tree and I was able to buy her a small plastic one. It was only 4 feet tall but we had lots of fun decorating it. That last time we had a Christmas Tree at home was many, many years ago.

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Up And Down With

Unfortunately, the first month turned out badly because's servers went down hard. It took them days before they could restore everything back to normal.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Waiting For Our Halo-Halo At Prosperity

First Time In Many Years

Last April 10 of this year, my wife and I had Halo-Halo at Prosperity. I can't remember when we last had Halo-Halo nor ate at Prosperity but, I'm very sure that it was our first time in many, many years.

Personally, I like eating at Prosperity because the foods in their menu taste nice and their prices are very affordable but we don't go there often because eating out, even if the food is affordable, is expensive.

Waiting For Halo-Halo

My wife ordered Halo-Halo while I ordered Halo-Halo and Pancit Bihon. If my memory is correct then I think we paid P200 PHP for all of it. As you can see, the price we paid for our order was very affordable.

Anyway, I took some pictures while we were waiting for our order.

We waited at least 15 to 20 minutes for our order. The wait was understandable because they still had to cook the Pancit Bihon. Besides, it gave me an opportunity to take some pictures of my wife. LOL!

We had fun eating our Halo-Halo and Pancit Bihon. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of our order. We started eating them as soon as they were served to us. He he he!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Year Family Photos

I know it's already February but that won't stop me from sharing or posting some of our Family Photos that were taken on New Year Day, January 1, 2013. All of these photos were taken at our home in San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines.

The Family Members in the photo above are (from left to right): Me, Kuya Ar-ar, Mommy Dang, Baby Rhomiel, Kuya Rain, Ate Aryan and Tatay.

In the above photo, we have (from left to right): Ate Aryan, Ate Pauline, Tatay, Mommy Dang, Kuya Ar-ar and Baby Rhomiel. Is Ate Aryan picking her nose with her right thumb? I have no idea and I also don't know what's wrong with Kuya Ar-ar's right eye.

Here we have Tatay with (left to right) Mommy Dang, Baby Rhomiel and Kuya Ar-ar.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nag-iisang Ikaw Sung By Melo For Dang (Not For Public Viewing)

One morning, I was on my computer working when I suddenly started singing this particular song that I don't know the lyrics. My daughter heard it and she made fun of me because of that.

Out of nowhere, the chorus of the song Nag-iisang Ikaw by Louie Heredia entered my head and I started to sing that instead. After a few minutes, I got tired of singing the chorus so I searched for the lyrics of the song in Google and I easily found it.

My wife Dang with Baby Rhomiel and Ate Aryan

So, I stopped singing just the chorus and started singing the full song instead. Now, while I was singing the song, I suddenly missed my wife Dang who was working at her friends clinic in Tagaytay. It was very, very far from us and we only get to see her once a week.

I guess the song had an emotional effect on me and it made me do what I did. What is it? Well, since I was singing the song over and over, I decided to record it. I then used a video editing program to create a video from it. The video that I created was a simple one. It contained my recording of the song and a few pictures of my wife Dang.

I uploaded the video in YouTube and in Facebook then told my wife about it. She saw it and she was very happy with it.

Anyway, my wife liked it because I made it for her but I'm not so sure if other people will so please refrain from watching the video above.^_^

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Itong Family Welcomes The New Year, 2013

We welcomed the New Year, 2013 with some food, a lot of fun and no firecrackers. All of us were at home and awake as we waited for the new year to arrive. My wife Dang was busy preparing the food while the kids were busy with what they were doing.

New Year's Media Noche Food 2013

Outside, some of our neighbors were busy playing with their firecrackers that were very loud. The sound of the firecrackers became more frequent and louder when midnight came. The sound or noise was so loud that I felt the shock waves rolling on my skin.

Of course, we were also making some noise but we didn't used firecrackers. I don't like firecrackers because they're very, very dangerous. They can do physical harm to people and they can even cause fires. At worst, firecrackers can even cause death.

The New Year, 2013

We welcomed the new year with a prayer lead by my wife Dang. You'll never see me leading a prayer because I'm never good at it. We had our Media Noche after the prayer. We didn't have much just some bread, fruits, cake, a small piece of ham and some sweets. Dang also brought home two bottles of red wine and her sister gave us some spaghetti.

New Year's Raffle 2013

We also had our New Year's Raffle. I had a few items lined-up and each had a number assigned. Each member of the family drew a number from a box and they got the item that corresponded to the number that they got. It was a very fun event and we're planning on doing it again but with better items.

Overall, we had a very simple New Year's Celebration but it was a lot of fun. 2012 was a good year for us (we did have our ups and downs) and I'm looking forward for a better year this 2013.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Itong Family Christmas 2012

Last Christmas was somewhat good for all of us. My wife wanted a Christmas Tree and I was able to buy her a small plastic one. It was only 4 feet tall but we had lots of fun decorating it. That last time we had a Christmas Tree at home was many, many years ago.

Itong Family Christmas 2012

I don't make a lot of money because I'm unemployed and I'm just working as a freelancer at home but, thanks to a company in Australia, I was able to make enough money to buy my kids some new things like clothes, shoes, etc. for Christmas.

We welcomed Christmas Day with a family prayer lead by my wife and a simple Noche Buena. After that, my two younger kids opened their gifts from Santa Claus. Yes, we still let them think that their gifts were from Santa. We all went to bed after a couple of hours.

Rain and Rhomiel Opening Their Gifts From Santa Claus

We spent the rest of Christmas Day mostly at home. Well, the kids did went to visit some of our nearby relatives but, after that, we mostly stayed at home. We also didn't have many visitors that day. In fact, we only had one visitor. One of my wife's niece visited and stayed with us the entire day.

Overall, Christmas Day 2012 was very peaceful and a lot of fun for us. Baby Rain and Baby Rhomiel played with their new toys, Ate Aryan spent her time talking to her friends while Kuya Ar-ar spent the day with her girlfriend.

Noche Buena 2012

By the way, we didn't do our annual family exchange gift because we planned on having it on New Year's Eve and we changed it into a raffle rather than an exchange gift.

Below are some pictures from that day.

Rain Itong, Christmas 2012 Rhomiel Itong, Christmas Day 2012

Dang's Gift